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Choose from:

Ready-made Frames

In-Stock Moulding

Special Order


In-Stock Moulding

We have an ever-changing selection of in-stock moulding to build frames from both wood and aluminum. These are also priced very well. Because stock is limited, this may not be the best choice for large pieces or when framing multiple pieces the same. Turnaround time is generally just a few days if other needed supplies are in stock.

Ready-made F​rames

These are our frames we've already built to standard and not-so-standard sizes. 

 They are priced at half the usual custom order price. 

 This is the best choice for the quickest turn-around time and can often be completed same day or on the spot.

Special Order

We have a huge selection of special order samples to look at. These samples give you the most options for a perfectly pleasing design. Almost all of our wood frames are hand-crafted in Italy. Why? Because Fabio is from Italy and we are proud to offer this unique selection of beautiful frames found nowhere else. Even though they are from Italy we get them quickly through our American importers. Then Fabio cuts and builds the frames exactly to your request. Two weeks is the usual time-frame to complete your project.  They come in a wide price range, a variety of styles and colors to fit your budget and vision. 

 We also carry a premium, American-made line of aluminum frames if you prefer a metal frame for your project.



We have some unique framing options for:

-your favorite keepsakes with deep shadowboxes

-jerseys and other clothing items

-canvas art

-tapestries, cross-stitch, and embroidery

-antique photos and ovals

-Colorplak (Laminated Art)



We also can help with your practical decorating needs, such as:





Do you have an old frame in need of repair?

Bring it in! We are happy to make your old one new again, to swap out broken glass, replace dirty matboard, or whatever you need to fix up your favorite picture without having to buy everything new.




Now offering photo printing services. We've partnered with a top-notch photography specialist and can offer you the highest quality prints: Giclée Prints on Canvas, Art Paper, or Photo Paper. Also offering Expert Photo Restoration services. And for the artist: prints of your original works.



Customer satisfaction is our number one priority! Visit our Yelp page to read our customer reviews.

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