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We have a multi-talented Artist-In-Residence on staff. She not only offers her artistic eyes to help customers with their picture framing needs, but she also has a studio corner to paint and draw with a growing selection of art for sale. She takes on commissions for pet and family portraits that make precious gifts for holidays and special occasions.




  Meet Artist-in-Residence: Olga Gavrilovskiy



Born in Russia, Olga immigrated to the U.S. with her family as a teenager. She fell in love with the lush forests, mountains, and ocean side of the Pacific Northwest when she first visited Seattle and made Washington her new home. When people ask, “How long have you been making art?” her answer is, “Since I was able to hold a pencil.” In Russia, she received training in figure drawing, oil painting, and Russian folk art. In the U.S. she continued her formal art education and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Washington in Seattle.


The human figure and portraiture are the primary subject matters in Olga’s art. The gestures, the face, the eyes…they tell so much. Olga also seeks to go beyond the traditional definitions of what makes a portrait by incorporating the landscapes and places we live in or come from and the objects and animals we surround ourselves with. Her iconic portraits have enjoyed great popularity in art shows around Washington state and are in numerous private collections.


You can see some of her work in our shop or online at

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